carmeloanthony "on my square" right now. #Bmore 3y
  •   amoney2335 Hey melo my name is aaron I live in Cali an I play for my high school team an it's only my first year of ever playing the game an I just wanted you to know that your a big part of me playing your like one of my favorite players ever man I wish I could me you in person or even get a response from you man it would mean the world I have dreams of playing with you or against you it would be a huge honor melo thanks for your time bro I hope you read this... 2y
  •   stevo_elpadrino Melo got the best jimmy in the lueage 2y
  •   colecuditypeofworld1231 Keep ur head up @carmeloanthony the real Knick fans stand by the team at all times during a winning streak or losing it starts with you! 2y
  •   grind_n_pray Best scorer. I base my whole game off of you!! 2y
  •   issacbassoul U r so boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10mon
  •   nolalife19 YOUR THE BEST MELO YOUR MY #1 4mon
  •   t_dot_1_rabil Yo @carmeloanthony can you train me 3w

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