mchammer This is how a DJ plays a song in 2012 ... We used to drop the needle on the record !!! Lol 3y
  •   jabertv So true haha 1 luv from #kuwait 3y
  •   rydertown Number 1 track of all time 3y
  •   a__e__e Word u can still use vinyl with traktor 3y
  •   yung.trappa My song I'm listening to it right now 3y
  •   kiwiboy i am a dj 3y
  •   kiwiboy i still have it on vinyl 3y
  •   djcrown @mchammer Looking forward to seeing you rock the decks in Eugene, Oregon tomorrow night. You still gonna be around Eugene Sat. night? I rock a U of O campus club called Taylor's every Sat. night. We normally see around 700 thru the door. My turntables are open to you if you wanna come thru and get down. I got a Rane 68, so linking 2 laptops is simple. Lemme know. Peace fam. 3y
  •   dontknow1922 Lol that's cool 3y

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