kaleyklein 10 mile hike to The Bridge To Nowhere #champ #hikerbabe 3y
  •   ryanxclufff I'm so jealous! You can bunjee jump off it I've wanted to do it for so long 3y
  •   kaleyklein @lusttt it actually wasn't too bad! its more of a distance hike then like steepness but at some parts your straight like rock climbing haha and you go through water n shit! its fun tho :) @ 3y
  •   kaleyklein @ryan1202 I know!! I was watching people do it its nuts! 3y
  •   ryanxclufff You can camp with them and do it at night in the pitch black too that's what we're gonna do haha 3y
  •   kaleyklein @ryan1202 let's go!! well I wont jump but ill hike and camp and watch you jump hahah 3y

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