•   jimbroberg hi again. we are well. saw a marvelous production of Sondheim's 'a little night music' last Friday. this august we will hear Jean-Yves Thibaudet perform Ravel's Piano Concerto in G. can't wait! looking forward to your future IG appearances 3y
  •   __miki__ Assess is the hardest (I don't know if evaluate is best to say in this case ?). I do more auto-evaluations with them to assess their autonomy. Bitter sweet is good in french too. Guy de Maupassant wrote a book titled Bittersweet Stories. Good luck for the reports and have fun this summer. Did you plan something ? 3y
  •   shul_l @jimbroberg wow! that sounds like a marvellous start to a promising summer!!! I bet that all the rest of the cats are full of envy :) looking fwd to see the images Sondheim & Ravel (or more precisely Thinaudet) will inspire on IG! I've never heard him preform please let me know how divine was it :) 3y
  •   shul_l @__miki__ thank you miki you are very right! writing down assessment would have been even harder! it just feel like we got so much weight/effect with our words, especially at such a young age when all they can show is a potential, so we can only give a feedback for what it can become rather what it is, I'd like to encourage but not mislead them & if I don't draw limits now they might grow lazy or don't push themselves as much as they can, so I find the fine balance of praising without spilling tricky, but i'm probably taking it too seriously! I love teaching & face to face it is so much easier, the right word & reaction come naturally, which makes putting those words on paper a bit of headache but a small price to pay for a great job- if our students only knew that we enjoy evaluating them even less then they enjoy being evaluated :) either way my reports seem much lighter than writing an assessment! & auto-evaluations are a great idea that would teach them to think for themselves! and probably even more work for you :) my plans for the summer are mainly a flat renovation, not as fun as traveling but hopefully the result would be so lovely that I'll wouldn't want to leave the flat :))) I'm quite scared & excited, after that I might get the time to read real books, rather than how to guides :) Guy de Maupassant possibly :) and maybe a few local adventures, they are planned as long as the flat would be done... GOOD LUCK with your assessments!!!! and thanks for the comradery 3y
  •   damir_lazarevic @shul_l Wellcome back 3y
  •   shul_l @damirl thank you Damir! 3y
  •   ipipa 3y
  •   shul_l @ipipa thank you ana! 3y

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