instagramhtx Happy Friday, amigos!

We hope everyone is off to a fun start. InstagramHTX will be be out of town the next few days, but 'My So-Called Weekend Project' is still going on as planned. Based on last week's post, It looks like everyone has been having a great summer so far. As always, great images all around. Let's keep on truckin' with all that's going on over the next couple of days.

When Instagram v2.0 was released, it added a new filter: Rise. It was developed by and named after its creator, Cole Rise. "It's a great filter for landscape and nature shots. I think it also works well indoors for capturing the warmth of a kitchen and even product shots," says @momathon of the Rise filter. It's a very kind addition to photos and we'd like to see this weeks #mysocalledweekend tag filled with what you come up with using this filter. Additional edits are welcomed as long as the final image uses it.

This week we ask that you tag your images with #MSCWrise along with the normal #mysocalledweekend tag. We'll post highlights from the tag on Monday.

Reminder: We will have our next InstameetHTX this Wednesday, June 27th at La Carafe in Downtown Houston. We've set the meetup time at 6:30-until.... The address is 813 Congress Street, Houston, TX 77002. We hope to see y'all there!

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