baby_bunbun_haru The bonding is begin!! 2y
  •   baby_bunbun_haru @rwah They both are Holland lop 2y
  •   baby_bunbun_haru @sinderellaa ทำงานอ่าวันนี้ 555 2y
  •   baby_bunbun_haru @melz_patz Actually I was plan to neutered bunbun before having a new boy but unfortunately that Haru was settle into my heart when I first saw him So i'm so worry now 2y
  •   psychedelic_bubble I'm sure it will be ok they just need some time , bunbun have to accept to share his mom but if there is any problem I think , neutered bunbun and it will be ok I think they will be as cute as rambo and eddy from bunnymama 2y
  •   baby_bunbun_haru @psychedelic_bubble Awww Thank you so much! Don't worry! I'm still plan to let bunbun get neutered even they can get along well but not now 2y
  •   psychedelic_bubble I have to get my bunny neutered too, he oftenly poop and pees outside of his cage so I can't let him free as much as I want :-/ I hope it will fix that ... 2y
  •   luvly_cupcake Xdoes his mom remember him? 2y

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