•   jacoblinsley this stuff is brilliant. @henryburke and his dad is trying to expand his business in this and he is bringing it more in UK and it will be up for sale in almost every coles store and bilo in australia. stay tuned 4y
  •   binarystarx MOAR GRAPE DRANK 4y
  •   zarcam81 Being a huge fan of yours, I'm gonna cross all my fingers and toes right now in hope that you may be interested in helping the kids of Richmond in Melbourne, you see....I work with a group of underprivileged children and at the moment I'm working on a very short add which is going to be played in the foyers of the high rise commission housing estates. This add, is the kids telling their fellow housed friends that yes they can achieve their life goals, say no to bullying and make the effort to win. The reason I write this ridiculous long text is to say that we want to use your backing music to "child" and use as a backing to the kids add. And I couldn't think of a better song or artist to "represent" this message. I would love to ask If I could some how get in touch with you or your manager to see if this is a possibility???? Eeeeeeeek! 4y
  •   nicoleharvey_ GRAPE DRANKK 4y
  •   anniedriver_ Omg that's my favourite drink!! Have been getting it at Preston market lately and have loved it!! Best ever 4y
  •   addam_shaw I want some of that purple stuff @3ree6ixty 4y
  •   danniellej_ You need just the 'grape fanta' so much better then that shit! 4y

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