mariexvx Outline on @spacytigre 2y
  •   hammerfistchris938 @mariexvx that's way dope. 2y
  •   mario_ink_life Clean linez,,, 2y
  •   waxlove143 @mariexvx I love this!!! If im ever in your area I am definitely getting a tatt from you 2y
  •   ilithyia25 Ohhbh 2y
  •   adrianjohn Dope 2y
  •   spacytigre I absolutely LOVE it & you!! 2y
  •   yoursilvergrin @spacytigre you are much braver than I am! Of all the places on my body, I can't justify getting a huge tattoo on my leg. Maybe I'm just self conscience about my chicken legs, lol. It looks super awesome! @mariexvx did a stellar job already! I look forward to seeing it again once some more progress has been made. It'll only get better & better. 2y
  •   spacytigre @yoursilvergrin ah, it's no biggie...I already have several on my calves. I was nervous due to the size, but it wasn't bad!! 2y

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