•   jordanloveskats @fankult yup! Between mlk and rainier on Othello 3y
  •   samfuphoto Love the composition of this photo! 3y
  •   jordanloveskats @sam_fu thanks man!!! :) 3y
  •   samfuphoto I know you said its between mlk and Rainier on Othello, but I'm not familiar with the place. Haha. Can you tell me more? I want to do a there! 3y
  •   jordanloveskats @sam_fu haha Othello crosses through mlk and then rainier.. So I you drive down Othello... You'll just like see it out the window haha it's in soufend! Rainier beach area 3y
  •   screenprintrz My hood! 3y
  •   samfuphoto Oh ok thank you! Appreciate it! I don't think I've ever been in that area. I'll just google map it on my phone! Sweet. 3y
  •   khingzotow Hillside!!! 3y

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