thg_thestorieswithin Chapter 17: I can't go back to sleep, even though it's only midnight, so instead I get out of bed and go downstairs. I turn the lights in my house on and go to heat up some warm milk. My heart is still beating from the nightmare, but what's worse is this feeling I can't shake. The feeling that even though Peeta is living right next door again, that he's just as far away as he ever way. I curl up on the couch to drink my milk, and I hear a soft knock on the door. I stand to answer it and on the other side stands Haymitch. I stand there open mouthed. He isn't exactly the person I expected. "Well, aren't you going to let me in sweetheart?" he says snappily. I stand aside to let him come in. I can't exactly tell if his staggering is from too much liquor, or from waking up in the middle of the night. "I saw your light on when I got up to get a drink," Haymitch says. His words aren't slurred, so I'm hopeful he is fairly sober. "I thought I'd come talk to you." I nod and look awkwardly around. After all the years Haymitch was my mentor and protector, we still don't get along very well. "Well," I say. "Well nothing!" Haymitch says with a gruff laugh. "You've barely said three words to me even though it was me who was busting my tail for you at District 13. And me who brought you back here. And me who asked Greasy Sae to cook so you didn't starve while you were moping around here." A glint reflects in Haymitch's eye that suddenly jolts me out of my depressed mood. "Oh yeah?" I snap. I stutter trying to think of a comeback, but then I see the laughter in his eyes and I laugh too. "Just like old times eh, sweetheart?" Haymitch chuckles. I smile too. Even if Peeta isn't the same, Haymitch is. And I wish I had seen him sooner instead of shutting him out because of my pain. "But the reason I came over wasn't just for you," Haymitch says, his voice changing to a serious tone he rarely ever uses. "I came because of Peeta." 3y

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