ndaelight I fell in love 4.5 years ago... She's the child I never gave birth to but has my heart! #tbt 3y
  •   mrs2stacks How is kyri?! @ndaelight 3y
  •   ndaelight Kyrie Jade is great! So grown up. About to be 5 in 2 weeks! I miss the days when she would cry for me. Ask @tooprecious about her and that amnesia she has lol 3y
  •   curves2perfection Girl that lil chump act like she didnt know who we were @ndaelight Grad Party... Made me so Mad lol 3y
  •   ndaelight Lol awwwww @tooprecious, don't be mad! She acted funny with me too and I gave her everything! Lol but she warmed up after a while! I miss her! 3y

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