denisebovee California Nevada Utah Colorado Nebraska Iowa Illinois Missouri Tennessee Mississippi Louisiana Texas New Mexico & Arizona.. 6,459 miles traveled and amazing amazing memories. So happy to be on the last stretch! Almost home! 3y
  •   reginainbohemia You are inspiring. The end. 3y
  •   thegoodshoppe @denisebovee way to go! That's a trip to remember. Thanks for sharing the moments along the way. Your shots are stunning. How long did the trip take? 3y
  •   brebuskey I love this pictures tons. Can you please take this same picture but with my girls instead so I can stick it on my wall?? Thanks ;) 3y
  •   illenesofranko Summer road trips are the best! My 6 year old and I just got back from a 2 week one! They're remember it forever! 3y
  •   denisebovee @brebuskey you can totally pretend like this is gracie and ruby and no one would know 3y
  •   brebuskey Ha! You're going to come over and I will have stolen your ig's and passed them off as my children. 3y
  •   savarna_ cu te 3y

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