•   garytsl @stacklli Thanks Stac. It's just fitted with Americana lights. From the E series number plates, EJ is from 1978. 3y
  •   sertack06 This car in Turkey nearly 40 000 $ how much is there? 3y
  •   garytsl @stacklli about the same price USD$40,000 3y
  •   bosgezen i Used to have a 77 model of this (without the american bumper and not even nearly as pristine as this one) still feel bad about having to sell it:( 3y
  •   cjtuek in thailand <25000 classic car very beautiful 3y
  •   garytsl @cjtuek19 Kor Boon Kap 3y
  •   cjtuek is slc not sl 3y

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