khuon WIP. idk what to do with hair. Suggestions???? #drawing #girl 3y
  •   _good.noodle_ It would be cool if you made the hair turn to water and then form a mountain range behind her. 3y
  •   brockofman @khuon should have it cover that boob then wrap back around the body.. Then could have flow into something at bottom 3y
  •   woahitsnessahh Fire 3y
  •   iickhadr Wrap her with hair. It's cool if you make her hair much longer. Just like Rapunzel. 3y
  •   apocalypsegirl @richardmichaeljr Thank you. I do try my bet to be creative :) 3y
  •   lkc_art Place strands/section of hair down her back kinda of flying away 3y
  •   cisboy101 Have it wrap around her 3y
  •   stellarbarnes Where's the nip? 2y

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