evilimperial ajiv "military blue" 3y
  •   evilimperial @davishavens i always keep my word hehe. Just checked your gallery, lots of amazing pics right there. u using 4s? also which app do u usually use? 2y
  •   davishavens Nope I'm on an android htc evo 4g design, I just use the regular old insta filters :) 2y
  •   evilimperial @davishavens wow i think i should sell my phone lol. Seriously, your shot is amazing!! 2y
  •   davishavens Thanks man, just an average joe with a camera :) 2y
  •   iswaggem I got my pair :) 2y
  •   oga666 Good 2y
  •   whynot_itsj I want these!! 2y
  •   edgewood_3 How much 2mon

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