melissachai 'carry me' face #runxin if left unattended will bring down the house . This one is loud 3y
  •   mark_lim Aiyo nvm when her daddy is back sure will carry 3y
  •   melissachai @mark_lim yea daddy too geram sometimes can kiss her cheeks super hard until cry  3y
  •   mark_lim I'm sure she is a daddys girl.. Father sure spoil hero the max 3y
  •   melissachai @mark_lim yes , daddy 's been smitten by her since day 1 3y
  •   mark_lim Daddies sure got very soft spot for daughters...hehehehehe 3y
  •   earl52 She is beautiful! 3y
  •   melissachai @earl52 thank you !:) 3y

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