•   kulu Just do it 3y
  •   adamsheath Ut oh! 3y
  •   solorisa Pero me da miedo 3y
  •   wangy Bahahaha oh dear. What are you up to this time?! 3y
  •   em_d29 I have those boots haha. 3y
  •   syd_the_kid4 @thiswildidea I am trying to plan a filming trip to Seattle/surrounding areas...Can you tell me where your favorite spots were? THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Also, do you know anything about the abandoned military forts? You can email 3y
  •   syd_the_kid4 *me at syd7937@yahoo.com 3y
  •   itdontmeannothin Really love your images. 3y

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