instagramhtx Good evening, everyone! Let me begin by thanking you for understanding my tardiness with the highlights from the past few weekend's 'My So-Called Weekend Project' theme. And now I ask you forgive me for my grammatical errors. This past weekend looked like lots of fun for everyone who participated. Here are highlights from the #MSCWsummer tag listed in order: (top row, right to left) @sapurah_lashari @nicholewithanh @paoliz_1129 @jesshampson (second row) @kochoaqt @jenn1602 @candacitabonita @melissadarragh (third row) @cosmopolitician @natblake @jencorona @simplyjoanna (fourth row) @guebara78 @ryanhargrave @stephenrwhite @marlonrivers We hope everyone had fun participating! Make sure to visit their feeds and say hello. InstagramHTX is about the community and we'd like IGers in Houston to get to know a little more about each other. Thanks again to those who participated. Remember to mark you calendars! We've got an InstameetHTX planned for La Carafe on Wednesday, June 27 in Downtown Houston:) 3y
  •   stephenrwhite Who knew that by merely waiting 30 minutes in line for food at #SeaWorld could make my photo famous. #WillSufferForArt 3y
  •   guebara78 And boom goes the dynamite! Thanks for the recognition. Great feeds everybody! Keep it going!!!! 3y
  •   ryanhargrave Love these weekend projects!!! 3y
  •   jenifaire Love these weekend pics 3y
  •   sapurah_lashari @instagramhtx - thanks Joey! It was great fun taking pics for this project. Sure appreciate you giving some of your time to the IG community here in Houston. 3y
  •   melissaloveshou @instagramhtx wow! I'm so #honored! thanks for recognizing one of mine among so many beautiful instagram friends. Great job everyone! CHEERS! 3y
  •   repinsk Fun weekend!! Nothing photo worthy here 3y
  •   jenn1602 A little late in coming, but a genuine thanks just the same!  Love these weekend projects. Hope to see you again soon!  2y

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