blairthomson Massive presentation in Cornwall today. Heres a pile of wood. En route. Day 167. #btphoto366 3y
  •   jesusege 3y
  •   nosugarstudio Great pic Blair. What a trip down memory lane this year will be in pics for you. I see a retrospective coming. #btphoto366 3y
  •   suchapriss Lovely photos B, are you letting the misses take photos for you?... heheh Just kidding! ; ) 3y
  •   blairthomson @pcshakur - oi! It's all in the subject matter. Composition wise a hell of a lot easier than my typical straight on approach. Nice to get some Shak Love of these finally :-) 3y
  •   blairthomson @jesusege thanks man. Appreciated. 3y
  •   blairthomson @nosugarstudio thanks Martin. As always, thanks for the continued support and encouragement. Is a challenge at times. 3y

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