vannaa_bananaa Me and my bunny. #animals #cute #loveit 2y
  •   kinleighs_mommy awhh . hes adorable. do you know what kind he is? i have a dutch and a mini lop. (: 2y
  •   vannaa_bananaa @kinleighs_mommy yes he is a lionhead :) hes so sweet and so loveable, amazing with kids :) 2y
  •   kinleighs_mommy awhh. thats how our holland lop is . he loves everyone . and your bunny is so cute (: 2y
  •   vannaa_bananaa Thank youu :) ! An aww see we had another one before this one and she was super mean :( 2y
  •   kinleighs_mommy yeah. i used to have a dwarf bunny and she attacked people. everytime i tried to give her food she bit me so we had to get rid of her. :/ 2y
  •   vannaa_bananaa Yea same with mine :( 2y

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