evgeni_malkin Ahah))) 3y
  •   brady_krentz15 No no wonder u have a hard shot geno 1y
  •   anna_lol_22 Wow 1y
  •   anna_lol_22 And the person who said he stinks your wrong because he is the greatest in the universe 1y
  •   m._.n Ripped 1y
  •   curicousgeorge Do you speak English and by the way your the best player ever and mark Andre fleury is the best goalie ever and Crosby is the best captain ever And Pittsburgh is the best team ever and the two worst teams are Chicago. And. Boston 1y
  •   victor_kelley30 Buddy you suck at hockey 1y
  •   easton_nhl1212 The penguins are #BEAST 5mon

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