jasonsbites Turned all my quail eggs into a pickle so I can hand them out as gifts! 3y
  •   jasonsbites Oh & these are obviously not the ones I'm incubating :| but i thought I'd state that… because some of you are unbelievably clueless. 3y
  •   rennhearts lol 3y
  •   jasonsbites @rennhearts lmao some people just post the most ridiculous comments on my stuff…. i can't deal with it haha!!! 3y
  •   kimmy2too LMAO!! 3y
  •   kenkenchia How does pickled quail egg taste like? 3y
  •   leinad77 Interestingly the Cal Academy has an exhibit on earthquake preparedness and quail eggs are amongst the recommended items to have on hand in case the big one hits. 3y
  •   jasonsbites @leinad77 LOL what?! No way!!! Why?!?? 3y
  •   leinad77 @jaayyse they preserve well and are relatively high in protein. At least I'm assuming. And they'd have a receptive audience here in the Bay Area. Not everyone from HK goes to Vancouver 3y

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