grimchim I really get to work at places like this 3y
  •   grimchim @mslaviishlady yeah I bartended at this house yesterday, trust me it looks even more amazing as u go inside and to the backyard 3y
  •   lennyharold Oh, okay..dope.. You was the "help"? You make a shit pie for anyone? Lmao #sorryhadtoo lol 3y
  •   grimchim Lmfao @lennyharold yessirr !!! Nah I couldn't do that cuz the people that own that house were actually really nice, not everybody can be in Blackstreet singing it up with like some people 3y
  •   lennyharold Hahaha! Oh whatever lol!!! Glad they're nice folks tho, lol! cause it would be shit pies for everyone!! Lmao! 3y
  •   grimchim @lennyharold damn straight!!! Lol 3y
  •   lennyharold Lol 3y

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