joshpound Happy father's day to the best dad in the world!! He's helped me through alot...Love you dad! 3y
  •   joshpound @yllflower13 it's been so long!!! The family is doing awesome..... How have you been? And you're family? 2y
  •   yvonnelorraine13 I'm glad to hear that. I have been doing great lately! My mom and I are going back to church at the Bookers. I couldn't be happier! We are blessed! 2y
  •   joshpound That is really cool!...does mike still live around there? 2y
  •   yvonnelorraine13 Ya mike still lives at home lol he works at uhaul right now, has a gf, becoming a man. :) @joshpound 2y
  •   joshpound @yllflower13 I need to get out there and visit!! 2y
  •   yvonnelorraine13 @joshpound if u come out here you are always welcome to stay at our home, my family loves you :) and so does Michael! Idk if men call it love lol (he digs you) 2y
  •   joshpound @yllflower13 thank you! Love you guys.... Miss chillin with mike! 2y

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