djbryte "and if u like fish n grits & all that pimp shittttt..." #breakfast !!!! 2y
  •   dfranklin5 Thought u didn't eat meat 2y
  •   samuelrogers Food Porn 2y
  •   djbryte @dfranklin5 I eat fish. No chicken or beef or pork. Nugga. 2y
  •   samhookmusic Where is this located 2y
  •   djbryte @samhookmusic my house! Lol! I cooked it 2y
  •   samhookmusic Books ticket 2y
  •   anjemiami Know your from the south fish and grits..... Where is my plate ? Lol! 2y
  •   cortaries FYI, this picture right here inspired my hungover ass to crawl out of bed, stumble to my car, and drive to D'egg Diner....I was on a mission and that mission was grits. Thanks;) 2y

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