twittl3s Dartmoor Prison, out of the mist yesterday... #princetown #devon #iphoneonly #webstagram #stratigram 3y
  •   rachel_avalon Have you read a book called Asylum by Patrick McGrath? The 'asylum' is influenced by Dartmoor. It's an excellent book & your pics of Dartmoor capture it perfectly. 3y
  •   twittl3s @polly_edits Thank you, that's really interesting. Haven't come across the book but will seek it out. 3y
  •   twittl3s I was brought up on a farm on the edge of Dartmoor & had a long walk to school. Was always terrified when a prisoner escaped; they were high category in those days. Magwitch... 3y
  •   amateur_casual Have you read 'Five Years Penal Servitude'? Written by a convict in the 1870s, he talks about life in Dartmoor prison on the 1860s, as well as Newgate and Pentonville. Extremely interesting. 3y
  •   twittl3s @amateur_casual Yes.. thanks. Just had a quick look on Amazon - sounds right up my street. There's a rather good little museum at the prison too, though haven't been for a few years. Visited the nearby church at Princetown yesterday (redundant and supported by the CCT); built by American & French prisoners of war and later used by convicts from the prison. Lots are buried in the churchyard... 3y

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