furfreela Such a great turnout at the INTERMIX #furfree protest today! I had such a blast spending the afternoon with such a fun and compassionate group of fellow activists. Thank you! @michellevegan @ellhoward @labellenuage @Rahpii @sergeantnoodles69 @zachrisinger @cidhwind713 @moniquearos and @cindybertan! 3y
  •   furfreela @inesl Thank you! I've been trying to incorporate some humor to make these both educational and fun. Taking some inspiration from Occupy, Planned Parenthood, Slut Walk, and No H8. They've all had some really great signs at their demos 3y
  •   inesl I'm also glad none of the signs have any graphic pictures. I'm always so disappointed when I see those because it's like, come on people don't you know by now that strategy doesn't work? It's been proven! So humor is awesome way to get people's attention and then I'm sure you do an awesome job of educating. So kudos 3y
  •   silviaryan I'll be there next time!!! 3y
  •   ivegan @loga 3y
  •   sadanic Please let me know when your next protest is. I'd like to join if I can. And I'll spread the word. Btw. Tag me or something so I'll know. Thanks! :D 3y
  •   moniquearos Great turnout! Awesome job!! 3y
  •   maria_bernardin FUR IS NOT FASHIONABLE . 3y

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