•   thesartorialist At dinner for i-D mag with Terry Jones 4y
  •   strandhill1810 Good Night for Tours enjoy the AMANECER 4y
  •   strandhill1810 MONTY PYTHON??? 4y
  •   lapelsandloafers Looks like Terry has had a few wines 4y
  •   carlosincharge Classic I-D @thesartorialist 4y
  •   wears_black Tip: the camera on the front of you phone is a very poor quality VGA camera, the one on the back is one of the best cameras in the mobile phone market! Even it it's harder to 'aim' 4y
  •   wears_black a self portrait pic with the back camera train yourself, your pics will be MUCH better quality :) 4y
  •   branagh @thesartorialist anyone ever told you, you look like the Dad from home alone?? 3y

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