davaishsingh 30 days. New life. New Colors. New sky. #kentucky #clouds #sky 2y
  •   theresepieces Hey Dave! It's been awhile. Hope all is well. 2y
  •   byrdcaleb Haha. Thought you were gone forever. 2y
  •   fixthatmess Welcome back!!! Missed you! Hope your 30 days were refreshing 2y
  •   lkkhoury There you are!!! 2y
  •   jamesnord @davaishsingh let's ease back into the pool :) 2y
  •   hiral_ Welcome back! :D 2y
  •   karishma Lol @jamesnord. Welcome back Singh. It's been a long and quiet month. 2y
  •   missdieed Indeed it has been. Glad to be seeing your pics again =0) 2y

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