joe_plays_sax Picture credit: @nicolevjn 3y
  •   nicolevjn Yay friend our teamwork is still proving popular! I'm definitely gonna edit one of yours soon, promise! 3y
  •   rabbitdan Fab edit. 3y
  •   joe_plays_sax @rabbitdan Thanks, I've never seen the building in person so I'm glad you think so 3y
  •   rabbitdan It works because it is quite processed but still isn't all about the edit drawing attention to itself. The edit draws attention to the detail of the building. Which is what editing should be for. Good work, I reckon. 3y
  •   joe_plays_sax @rabbitdan Thanks again, it was my intent to call out the building detail. 3y
  •   heyheysuz Whoa that's awesome! 3y
  •   joe_plays_sax @heyheysuz Thank you! 3y
  •   qvoyqvengo Excellent! 2y

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