elijahlopeez Hamburger cupcakes for Gs school party. A big hit along with the granny smith apple "fries"! 3y
  •   imsoclancyy Recipe!? 3y
  •   sallylouwho Those are amazing! 3y
  •   elijahlopeez Thanks @sallylouwho ! @faithclancy soooo easy: bake yellow and chocolate cupcakes in greased pan. Cut all but 12 chocolate cupcakes in half. Make frosting (or use one can), separate into 3-4 bowls and color red, green, yellow, and/or leave one white. Ice bottoms of yellow cupcakes with one color around edges, top with half of a chocolate. Ice with other colors then add yellow tops. You can sprinkle yellow batter with sesame seeds if u like. There will be 12 extra choc ones so just eat them. Lol. You can also make brownies in cupcake tins, just using a small amount in each, and it really looks like a pattie! 3y
  •   elijahlopeez Sesame seeds before you bake 3y
  •   sallylouwho Thanks for sharing. The best part of the recipe is getting to eat the 12 extra chocolate cupcakes 3y
  •   andreinadeabreu Preciosos! 3y
  •   elijahlopeez Gracias @andreinadeabreu ! 3y

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