leahdeluxe FLORIDA: The only place I've lived where there can be rain and thunder on a bright and sunny day. 3y
  •   iluvmangoes Hahaaa!! Miss my hurricanes and badass afternoon thunderstorms where half of the sky is black and the other one is bright with birds singing!! 3y
  •   iluvmangoes @leahdeluxe how r u liking the hurricanes btw? 3y
  •   leahdeluxe @iluvmangoes I don't mind them... The heavy rains are good for staying in and creating... 3y
  •   iluvmangoes @leahdeluxe thats superb, thats why i miss em... Im still scared out of my mind of thunder but i miss it... And the orangy purplish sunsets after a hurricane passes by aaaah i know what im gonna be dreaming of tonight.. Or try to 3y

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