•   ericgumbel @xteenuh I thought the same thing when I saw it somewhere! This was my first time trying it and it was awesome! 2y
  •   xteenuh as a vegan, the things I miss the most are cheesy comfort style foods. your pics of the loaded baked potato and sour cream soft taco have me ready to cook this week! 2y
  •   ericgumbel @xteenuh :) I'm all about comfort foods haha. I was really scared about missing out on pizza (its my favorite, especially pepperoni) and when I found out about the vegan alternatives I was soo happy. Have fun cookin!! 2y
  •   xteenuh so have you tried any vegan pepperoni's? any recommendation on which brands are better? 2y
  •   ericgumbel @xteenuh Yeah, the one i use is by Yves. It's a little different texture, but the flavor is there. I haven't seen another brand beside Yves around me though. 2y
  •   trashandburn_ @vanessaamerica @ericgumbel @thefitcookie are any of you guys in the UK to know if Daiya is available there? :) 2y
  •   ericgumbel @childlight I think its only available in the US and Canada. Have you heard of redwood foods? I hear they have an excellent line of cheese and meat substitutes. 2y
  •   thefitcookie Sorry, not in the UK; not sure if Daiya is there but I am sure you can find something else! 2y

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