barackobama “In you, the American people, I am reminded of all the things that tilt the future in our favor."—President Obama in Cleveland, Ohio today. Check out the full speech: http://OFA.BO/NS6Jqe 4y
  •   scottawalton Forward???? How about get that @averydassey case to the supreme Court and sort out your criminal justice system out you idiot 2w
  •   myko_stunna Sir @barackobama Haiti need you, please help us 2w
  •   callme_mrmoney I am ready for my earnings 1w
  •   callme_mrmoney As we agreed upon 80 million Maurice littlejohn have finished his work be a man of your word I have stepped in front of that problem I am done u know my address mail it in one lump sum this phone need to come to you 1w
  •   carrollpatricia6728 Thank you President Obama for you staying true to your faith and such a wonderful job as President with the fights and struggles every turn and you lifted us American people to a place of awareness and involvement together and I am so thankful I voted for you and wish you had more time to accomplish all we need as a people and Country know how proud I am to say You are my President thank you 6d
  •   agus3848 Kerennnn abizzzzz 6d
  •   brooklyn_marie.11 I will move forward once u are not president 4d
  •   ali_2599 Mr obama im irani , im loving u 2d

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