barackobama “In you, the American people, I am reminded of all the things that tilt the future in our favor."—President Obama in Cleveland, Ohio today. Check out the full speech: http://OFA.BO/NS6Jqe 2y
  •   gregbolick @devin_fevola when your kid gets cancer and you run out of money to keep paying for chemo and the hospital kicks you out because you don't have enough money then I want you to say you don't love him... Or when the auto industry in Detroit is about to collapse i hope that's your only job and I hope Obama does not come to bail your company out. 4d
  •   gregbolick @devin_fevola Obama is a good president and if it wasn't for that dumb ass cock sucker george bush we wouldn't even be in debt this much or in the recession 4d
  •   gregbolick @devin_fevola and how the fuck did he kill cops? 4d
  •   whittmaris Hey fuck you never bring that kinda shit in up about that persons kids and Obama sucks because of people like u sit in their ass and get payed for nothing get a job and join the rest of us. U r a fuck up 3d
  •   gregbolick @whittmaris no I think you read it wrong bud see if it was not for Obama a hospital could kick you out because you don't have enough money I was just using that as example, I do have a job. Learn how to spell you dumb fucking redneck 3d
  •   gregbolick Obama is a great and beautiful man I love him 3d
  •   mashenkanikul Вы супер!!!!!!! 2d
  •   amelia_rothermel u got kik? 4h

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