asheeps now, back to #awaywegopnw . The fog in Olympic National Park is mesmerizing. 4y
  •   kriswoo Now that looks like home to me! Great shot!!!! 4y
  •   hemills1 I love spying the words you put into your photos! 4y
  •   mr.jones Home I would like all of your photos, but it would start to get ridiculous. I love your feed!! 4y
  •   asheeps @imstephenjones haha!!! You're too kind!! Thank you very much! i am starting to wonder if there is such thing as a mean Seattleite. Y'all are the nicest people! 4y
  •   mr.jones We try our hardest! No one likes a Debbie downer I'm looking forward to more of your photos! So inspiring! 4y
  •   asheeps @imstephenjones haha true! Happy people are my favorite people! Thank you and likewise 4y
  •   jonesjanuary indeed... 3y
  •   ssokh85 Great shot.. Awesome.. 3y

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