kaiksbear Diggin this track. Check it out: #awolnation #sail #music #beats 3y
  •   straightutu Sail!!!!! 3y
  •   keomai Blame it on my ADD @kaiksbear... Most on point excuse in Ever! 3y
  •   kaiksbear Favorite part of the song @keomai 3y
  •   himynameisdelys this since the day I heard it! Watch YouTube, grinding the crack. 3y
  •   kaiksbear @dhkr_86 me too.. heard it for the first time yesterday. What is grinding the crack? 3y
  •   himynameisdelys Really?!!! Jst yesterday? Song's been out for a while. Surprise me! It's a video on YouTube. Check it out... Promise, it's a good one. 3y
  •   briannalei knights of shame on this album is the one. (hi bear!) 3y

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