romey23 Can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit, siiiike.. He got credit cards on his thighs 3y
  •   romey23 #realtalk, Cam'ron originally posted this like wait is that Jay, J used to wear read pants and sport a medallion with parts in his fade:: he changed 3y
  •   mari_cubana I don't like em on him 3y
  •   romey23 Y not, they aren't supper skinnys which do exist @mari_cubana 3y
  •   romey23 They are prolly just boot cut slim @mari_cubana 3y
  •   romey23 Hahahhaha he prolly did, they like brothers @cydnie_e 3y
  •   mari_cubana So that's a big nigga and he's a "thug" he doesn't look right wit that look. Ima need him to stay wit the sexy thug... Not THA "Kanye closet" look. 3y
  •   mari_cubana Lols 3y
  •   romey23 Lmfao @mari_cubana 3y

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