cillalakilla Random peacock in the hospital parking lot. #hawaii #808 #peacock #hospital #random 4y
  •   gabriellevoltron I'd be running! I'm terrified of birds 4y
  •   brazyfit I'd be trying to steal the feathers off him lol! 4y
  •   cillalakilla @gabriellevoltron when i walked up to my car he was right beside it eating something. I had to wait till he was done to get in. 4y
  •   praseodymium2317 I have seen that b4 and I took a cell phone pick. They just didn't have instagram back then. Then my raciest best friend sold the phone with pic on it for angel dust. Smh vodoo. I think it was a turkey at morgninside park fa real doe. Voodoo 4y

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