•   dudge72 @kevin798 really? You're crazy man! Clearly it's a horse ya daftie 2y
  •   dudge72 Thanks Kirsten. To be honest I don't see anything in them. I was just winding @kevin798 up. I'm sure he knows this. I hope. 2y
  •   katejm Faaaaantastic cloudscape! Looky here @gekeb 2y
  •   dudge72 Cheers m'dears @katejm 2y
  •   kevin798 @dudge72 @runsanibel hold the phone at the bottom, in the centre. Tilt only the top of the phone to between 1 & 2 o'clock. Hey presto! There's a Westie dug un the centre of the cloudage. Happy hunting guys. x 2y
  •   dudge72 Are you windin' me up. I've been looking at it for ages and I still don't see it. @kevin798 2y
  •   kevin798 @dudge72 naw, it stands out. Nae kiddin' 2y

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