dart_chris Low budget 440 2y
  •   dart_chris @sarduy33177 Yours is a bit nicer than mine haha. Well, a lot nicer. 2y
  •   sarduy33177 All I did was wire looms man they work wonders and spray paint 2y
  •   sarduy33177 And tie straps that's about it and Time and patience I know you have that since you work on muscle cars 2y
  •   dart_chris @sarduy33177 Haha I really don't have patience man. My car is just a slapped together big block nitrous dart. It scares people and that makes me happy. 2y
  •   sarduy33177 Trust me tho im the same way I thought it wasn't going to look nice but now it does and really only reason my car is clean cause I cut my fenders out how much are you spraying 2y
  •   dart_chris @sarduy33177 I haven't sprayed it yet but I'm gonna start off at 100 and work my way up. I figure ill pull my motor one of these days and make the engine bay look nice, then start on the rest of the car 2y
  •   sarduy33177 All it takes is a little time and I just have a 175 2y
  •   sarduy33177 With a hydraulic cam 2y

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