sdupreebemis BLAAAHHHHH we say!!!!! 3y
  •   amybotastic @sdupreebemis speaking of Thyme, love that word once when we were in Cambodia and we were teaching Monks English we were telling them the diff between Thyme and Time and like anyone know this word thyme? They all yelled "Thimieeeee" it was hilarious so cute!!! 3y
  •   fourhuckleberries @sdupreebemis, i have plenty of Thyme growing that needs to be used if you want any. :P 3y
  •   caitbot @sdupreebemis what app/filter did you use?? Looks great! 3y
  •   heidijoylove Hipsters. I like, I like ;) 3y
  •   hm.danger A) I think people are very immature about the fact that you have red hair... She didn't invent it. If you like something DO IT. And you have a a thousand times more class than who they are comparing you to. In my opinion... There is NO comparison. You are beautiful AND nice. A hard combination to come by! B) Everyone needs to back off on pushing babies on you. You will have kids when you two are ready. Enjoy allllll the alone time you can for now. (Trust me... Even though I know you will have an adorable baby). Annnnd C) You have by far one of the best, most unique voices I have ever heard... And it has only improved since I first started loving Eisley. You guys are sweet, kind, beautiful, and talented... And I love how family oriented you all are! I will always be a fan. Always. 3y
  •   hm.danger Annnnnd your hair is pink... And it changes often. So whateve... Back off creeps. 3y
  •   galaxxysedge I feed my bunnies thyme. You guys are adorable! 3y
  •   lauracantslowdown Gaw-jus! 3y

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