kingthe100t Kaikodo x Romando Tileman Sofubi + Kinkeshi #kinnikuman #キン肉マン 3y
  •   amazing_syd Your pics have been even MORE awesome lately! 3y
  •   evilegend305 タイルマン懐かしいなぁ〜☆ 3y
  •   kingthe100t @amazing_syd Thanks, inspired by you bro, had to step up my game! m(_肉_)m 3y
  •   amazing_syd No way! Hahaha 3y
  •   healeymade Big one is amazing. What line? 3y
  •   kingthe100t @healeymade The Romando x Kaikodo Sofubi series. 10 figures in all only available at Kaikodo in Okegawa. Hand painted and Made in Japan. Limited run of 100 for each design. I can shoot you a link if you like. 3y
  •   healeymade @kingthe100t I'd be interested thanks 3y
  •   rylostsoultattoo Grrrr im dying to have that romando 3y

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