theboysonthestairs Old picture x 3y
  •   lex.amaral Oh wow you looked at my pictures. Can u say stalker with nothing better todo than sit behind a computer screen being a jerk. And actually I'm almost 199.9 percent sure I have more friends than you do. So guess what? Conversation done. OVER! I don't wanna see another comment from you to me. 3y
  •   izzynbb @gibbs318 just shush and please grow up. 3y
  •   gibbs18 go fuck ur mom @l0vememaybe 3y
  •   izzynbb @gibbs318 *your 3y
  •   matthew_shoeman Lol funny @gibbs318 3y
  •   ines_c_marques "one direction sucks" ?? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , no . 3y
  •   emilyharrell_ Louie I like ur pants 3y
  •   han5na @emilyharrell98 haha I didn't even notice his pants 3y

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