beingtricia Deliciously amazing meal in Beijing. And it was organic vegan and gluten free! No one spoke a peck of English. I was alone. And it was so perfect. #ilovetraveling 4y
  •   ivy_yjy Hot pot!Is that 呷哺呷哺? 4y
  •   beingtricia I have no idea @ivy_yjy but it was a hot pot and delicious. 4y
  •   ivy_yjy @beingtricia Do you eat spicy food?Cause Sichuan hot pot is so great!!And there are lots of delicious food in different part of China,hope you have enough time to enjoy it!I will be in Shanghai to enjoy Jason's concert ,can't wait to see you guys!~And going to find delicious food in Shanghai~^_^ 4y
  •   stefanytomas What's the stuff in the small bowl? It looked like meat but you wrote vegan so now I must know! 4y
  •   beingtricia @stefanytomas it's a miso paste to mix into the soup 4y
  •   ingcheung This is my favorite hotpot in china! Did you guys enjoyed it? The paste (more like a kind of sauce) is made of gingeli and tofu. My favo sauce! Next time you must try the curry soup! Trust me, best hotpot ever! And if you need a translator, think about me! 4y
  •   wangtt1101 Wa,xiami xiami!! 4y
  •   wangtt1101 Xiapu xiapu!! 4y

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