•   casadour My JFo makeover 4y
  •   itsjfo @euniepie31 I know blunt can go to that dark purple-ish brown color if you use too much. Try less and do it over top of a powder that's darker then your skin. I would highlight more of I was you lol I'm so white I have no other option! 4y
  •   itsjfo @casadour oh you just wait ... It's going down MAC Deptford style. Lol can't wait to beat that face 4y
  •   k_la8 Dammmmmm So sweet so easy I this 4y
  •   itsjfo @k_la8 thanks boo 4y
  •   itsjfo @dangshawtybeat lol love it. @piazelenik yassss! @charlie_unique thanks lil sis, you know how we do 4y
  •   iheart_londie Those cheeks and brows tho! Werk! U r my ig crush :) 4y
  •   itsjfo @iheart_londie yess!! Thanks you. Cheeks and brows are my thing haha 4y

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