jessikennedy97 Love the edit thank you @jessifan4life 3y
  •   jeeennnaaa1 What's your email 3y
  •   pnf06 Hey @jessilovesdance my name is Paris & I'm also a dancer. I just wanted u to answer my question , please, what dance is in all dances ?? 3y
  •   pnf06 What gives u technique in the dance?? (: I would appreciate it if u responded, thank you. 3y
  •   courtney_clark3 Can I please have a shoutout? It would mean the world 3y
  •   syd_bennett Hi jessi. It would mean the WORLD to me if I could get a shout out 3y
  •   gtry That's sweet 3y
  •   coloredharold OMG!! I just noticed that me an Jessie have the same initials! JK!! 3y
  •   brandib21 21 like 3y

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