beavnyc Never get sick of the HFP goodies! 3y
  •   carritofa5jdm Jealous!! Haha looks great man @beavnyc 3y
  •   itstoyota Didn't you been rockn those hfp wheels? 3y
  •   itstoyota Haven't* 3y
  •   beavnyc @itstoyota yeah maaannn... Im just sayin! 3y
  •   itstoyota Just need a bbk now! 3y
  •   beavnyc @itstoyota wtf is a bbk? 3y
  •   itstoyota Wow... Big brake kit lol 3y
  •   beavnyc Ohh word. Well on already on bigger caliper/rotor as is. Off a rsx-s. i want the dc5-r brembos, but dont want a red caliper. Shits played out. I refuse to go aftermarket bbk, its all junk and risky. The 08 tl-s calipers look identical to the dc5 brembos but not sure if itll work. Been itching to test fit a pair but they hard to find in good shape. @itstoyota 3y

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