•   connie_lee77 :(( 3y
  •   tenorryan Not sure who is missing or if this is a call for help. Could you give a website or more info? Would be happy to spread the word with more info. 3y
  •   tenorryan I've a feeling I'm not in the know on this one after seeing the meme tag. So be it. 3y
  •   iamdjscottfree @tenorryan lmao MOLLY= MDMA 3y
  •   tenorryan Thanks @iamdjscottfree, I appreciate it. While we all run in dif circles, if I ever hear of a missing person, all I can try to do is try to help. So I missed the joke this time. Just know that if a young woman named Molly goes missing, I will not have cried wolf. Thanks again for the explanation. 3y
  •   tenorryan @backstagegabe... Sorry for the hijack. *shrug* 3y
  •   ralexisnicole Lol 3y

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