strph Animated #conversation. 3y
  •   lulu_photo Love that place 3y
  •   strph @lulu_photo The food was really good (I am SO going to make my own version of their portabella fries!) although I'm sure we shouldn't have blown so much cash on it. ;) Ah, well, I'll make most of it back when I assist Sharon tomorrow... 3y
  •   lulu_photo Ya. Can be very expensive. Do u know these ppl? Or is it the next table? 3y
  •   strph @lulu_photo Ha, it was our table—the middle lady (and "birthday girl") is Jill Paider, C's photog friend. The other two people are friends of Jill's. 3y
  •   strph @lulu_photo Also you can see C's disembodied hand on the far right... 3y
  •   lulu_photo Lol! I didn't see her disembodied hand. 3y
  •   strph @lulu_photo BTW it would've been more rea$onable if we had been eating by ourselves but of course we all chipped in for the b-day girl. Also it was hard to chat over the loudness of the room. Soooo, I'd go there again if I'm in DTLA... just not in a group. 3y

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