•   munira_alosaimi Hello ryan ... Can u tell justin bieber that i love him soooo much and .. Im from Kuwait.. Can he come to kuwait?  please tell him my message !! Please!!! And thank u :) 4y
  •   riley_washington I luv u in never say never I was laughing my head off!!!! 4y
  •   djeniibiebs Soooo sexy ;) 4y
  •   seniorangel The Flowers is shy from you because you are beautiful 4y
  •   alaya.coleman Tell Justin I love him he is HOTT 4y
  •   piro2284 @ryangood24 I love you 4y
  •   paigeharnden I wanna sniff THOSE flowers. 3y
  •   genesismichellee Will u go to prom with me 3y

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